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Amadis' Head of Global Marketing, Vivian Shen in The FIntech Times

Women in Fintech: Amadis' Vivian Shen highlighted

This October at The Fintech Times we are championing the fantastic females in the fintech industry. Around 30% of the fintech workforce are women, and we want to spotlight those who have not only made it to the top, but those who have overcome hurdles, bulldozing a path for the women to follow.

Vivian Shen, Head of Global Marketing, Amadis

“The strength of a leader is not just defined by the accomplishment of the individual, but more so by the strength and quality of individuals they nurture and propel along the way.

“I have been fortunate enough to work alongside amazingly talented individuals as colleagues, mentors and mentees. The ability of a strong leader to support the team that surrounds them from all angles, demonstrate strength, partnership and positive reciprocal growth.

“As a people manager I have encouraged an open dialogue atmosphere that encourages idea sharing, positive collaborative work spaces and regularly make it a priority to give accountability and provide accolades as it warrants. This is critical to the successful management and building of trust and team, and the type of leader I choose to be. A team member who does not feel they have the opportunity to openly communicate concerns, challenges and at times grievances, will not have your trust completely, and can lead to a breakdown of communication, workflow and overall team and sometimes individual success. One that can hear about opportunities, be given the accountability and accolade upon work success, will learn positive communication skills they can carry on throughout their career.

“When individuals have success, let them know it! It is critical in positive development to be acknowledged for wins. Even if contribution equates to being part of the team, call out the effort. These can be communicated in a variety of ways, but I have done my best to try and give that commentary to the individual and also to acknowledge in presentation or delivery of solutions, that successes were achieved by the work of the group, not just myself as the individual.

“As your team members begin to show expertise and comfort in their roles and responsibilities, encourage growth and present new challenges to them. Expose them to different types of projects and work with alternate teams to get things done. When given the opportunity to share and create opportunity, treat team members as you would hope to be treated, with positive intent and positive opportunity, even if that could mean a change in roles, teams or organisation.

“Individual success and positive team contribution, starts by your example. Presenting yourself and the best your teammates can offer, shows confidence in your abilities. The best leaders have had strong support and exposure to opportunities and have been encouraged to rise. How you represent yourself, how you create equal opportunities for your team members, and encourage growth in those that you interact with, shows strength in your skillset, and makes you a better leader who can champion on.”

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