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Major oils, fuel distributors/wholesalers, and company owned/retail site operators. who own and operate sites in the US and globally that sell fuel and their ISV’s, POS vendors and AFD / Pump manufacturers.



Solutions must operate in extreme climates, deliver robust performance in a secure payment process that (a) prevents fraudulent transactions and (b) prevents theft of card/cardholder data. A site operator wants its customers to trust their system enough so that their customer is willing to use his/her electronic payment card or device at the AFD and move on or come into their store for incremental spend at either a fixed POS lane or be serviced in their vehicle with a mobile POS(mPOS) terminal.


User Case

Interested in the use of Contact and Contactless EMV technology solutions to reduce fraud, improve customer experience, higher revenue from fleet card acceptance, increase staff efficiency, and lower costs.